Welcome to the Axonn Software Development Official Website

Axonn Software Development has been around (more or less and in one way or another) since 2003. We are an organization of motivated and talented individuals who work together toward various common goals. What are those goals? It depends. We have many products and future projects. Most of our software is free and we also shared a great deal of our technology on Source Forge via our open source products.

Most people involved in Axonn Software Development are doing many things for free, out of their own spare time. Some people collaborate often while some take a more passive role, but still ready to help when they're needed. Regardless of who they are and what they do...

Axonn Software Development has, is and always will have one single most important target: to change the world for the better! How can a group of people working mostly from their free time do this? Simple: talent, passion, will and good ideas. We got all of these and even more. Also, we hope that our selfless dedication in the pursuit of quality and knowledge will show through our actions and that riher people who think the same way we do will help us here and there. While we will mostly be relying on donations and small incomes from advertising here and there (we are against annoying advertising), we may also have a few payable products.

Where do you go from here?

Feel free to explore this website. If you're interested about the important things we did lately, take a peek in the News area. If you want to know more about our stuff, speed through to Products.

Want to help us in our efforts for a better world? See what you can do in the Development area. Should you need to learn more about our products and future projects, head to Documentation. Our Community allows you to interact with all the great people involved as well as other visitors. Finally, if you're curious how we got here, check our History page.