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With such awesome features like Alarm Synchronization, Atomic Clock, super customizable alarms and display, you will probably find at least one thing you will love about ASD Clock. Alarm Synchronization uses servers provided by us for free (no strings attached, no annoying commercials or anything) to automatically teleport your alarms from one computer to the other, as you go home, to work, outside your city and so on. ASD Clock is one of the first free desktop applications to give the user such powers. The system is Open Source and you can establish your very own ASD Clock Alarm Synchronization Server very easily.

ASD Clock is the first major Axonn Software Development product. Its release marks the "coming to age" of this website and our entire philosophy. We hope that you will find this program useful and grant us a little tolerance for its shortcomings. This free, Open Source product is mainly the work of programmer Axonn Echysttas and designer Claudiu Rusu, with years of beta testing from Frans de Jonge.

This is our gift back to the world. If you're reading this, this is my gift to you. Should you need it, I hope you will enjoy it. Even greater things are yet to come!

This version is FINAL and will eventually be superseded by ASD Clock Generation 3 which is currently in Planning stages.

Proceed to download ASD Clock: ASD Clock Installer

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Screenshots of ASD Clock can be found here: ASD Clock @ SourceForge

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ASD Clock 2.7 does NOT run on Vista / Windows 7. You'll have to wait for ASD Clock 3 for that. It will be ready before 2010 is over.

A few words about ASD Clock from Axonn Echysttas:

"Let me start by saying that I am aware that ASD Clock is not a marvel of technology. It's a good tool, but I started writing it when I was fairly young. I am not very proud of several modules of it (hey, what evolving programmer is proud of code written 6 years ago?). However, at the time of this writing, it was the single thing I could repay the Community for all the help I had on the Forums and Mailing Lists and everywhere. I am aware it's not very user friendly, but *it can* do a lot of stuff, even with the few bugs it does have (hey, I admit that too, heh). But don't worry, this isn't the last you'll see of me... I hope..."