... makes mousing on multiple monitors bearable

Mousing. Is that even a word? For me it is. I hate it when my mouse cursor "spills over" my second monitor, especially when I make lightning moves to close a window or move a scrollbar. So what Mousenitor does is lock the cursor to a certain monitor, until you "knock" it repeatedly on the edge of the screen, which is when it traverses to the other monitor.

At least this is how Mousenitor is working *now*. But this is irrelevant.

Mousenitor will be available here in a few weeks. I'm currently in the process of rewriting it so that it's more worthy of your attention. This won't last long since, unlike ASD Clock, Mousenitor is a newer product, much easier to maintain and... duh, way, way smaller. Actually, it's tiny. I just need to find a few moments of spare time to finish it up.

Mousenitor to be added here soon, for all you dual-monitor guys who maybe want to turn off the second monitor every now and then and work only on one monitor with no worries.