... are The Way

Axonn Software Development is all about products. You know, we said we desire to change this world for the better. We think the best way to achieve that is through products. Having been involved in "offshore" for the better part of 5 years, I have personally seen how pathetic this approach can get. Work per hour is an assasin of quality.

Of course, not every big product can be estimated and paid as a whole, but squabbling and sacrifing quality just to save a few hours of work is one of the worst ways to build a software product. Having seen so many failures and pathetic excuses for software... leads us to a final conclusion:

Products, carefully built using Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development techniques, can have a major impact. This is where Axonn Software Development will channel all its energy. Into useful quality products. We have been around since 2003, but only in 2009 do I expect to see a serious number of useful products show up. We will begin, for now, by offering two of our legacy products.

These are: ASD Clock and Mousenitor. Feel free to explore their respective pages.