Bob Evans Menu With Prices


If you’re looking for a Bob Evans menu with prices, you’ve come to the right place. The prices listed below are based on the average price for all Bob Evans locations. They may not reflect the latest changes, so check with your local restaurant for the most accurate price.

bob Evans menu

Try a Bob Evans catering service if you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a delicious lunch. This popular breakfast spot offers farm-fresh scrambled eggs, a choice of meat, and bread. The dishes also come with sausage gravy and seasonal fresh fruit. You can also order golden-brown home fries or one of the Bob Evans breakfast sandwiches.

Bob Evans is a fast-food chain with restaurants in Ohio and the United States. The restaurant offers country-style cooking and offers daily specials as well as kid’s menus and family menus. Customers can order their food online and pick it up at a Bob Evans location. There is also a store inside the restaurants where you can purchase biscuit mixes and candies. Its headquarters are located in New Albany, Ohio. However, the company started on a farm in Rio Grande, Ohio.

bob Evans menu prices

While Bob Evans is known for its all-day breakfast specialties, it offers a broader selection for lunch and dinner. The menu features hearty meals full of fiber, protein, and vitamins. You’ll also find several creative options, like a Macaroni and Cheese sandwich. Prices vary by location but are usually higher than average for casual restaurants.

Prices for menu items at Bob Evans vary by location. The information on this page is general and is not constantly updated, so you’ll need to contact the restaurant directly to verify current prices.

bob Evans omelet

The Bob Evans omelet menu includes a variety of tasty, nutritious dishes for a healthy breakfast. The menu contains foods rich in vitamins, fiber, protein, and vegetables. In addition to breakfast, Bob Evans also offers heartier lunch and dinner options packed with nutrients and flavor.

The Bob Evans omelet menu has a variety of choices, including the Southwest Avocado Omelet, Three Meat & Cheese Omelet, Build Your Own Omelet, and Sunshine Skillet. It also features unique dishes such as a Macaroni and Cheese sandwich, which many people love.

bob Evans sunshine skillet

You can try the Bob Evans sunshine skillet if you’re in the mood for a good breakfast or a quick snack. These skillets are open-faced and loaded with cheese, sausage, and gravy. They’re also served with fresh biscuits and home fries. Bob Evans serves breakfast all day.

Bob Evans’ breakfast menu is extensive, and they also have plenty of homestyle favorites for lunch and dinner. They also have a separate kid’s menu. Their prices are reasonably affordable, and their portions are very generous. They even have a dessert menu, so there’s no excuse not to treat the kids.

bob Evans chicken-n-noodles

The menu at Bob Evans offers several options for chicken-n-noodles lovers. The menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. There are also beverages to choose from. You can order a boxed meal or order a la carte. Prices vary by location and are subject to change.

Bob Evans serves soups, including its signature Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup. The dish is packed with vegetables and a savory broth. It also features perfectly steamed broccoli.

Bob Evans is a tremendous Alaskan cod

If you’re a fan of Alaskan cuisine, you’ll love the Great Alaskan Cod at Bob Evans. This tasty dish is seasoned with crispy breading and will leave you satisfied but not stuffed. It comes with two sides, including perfectly seasoned green beans with ham and carrots.

While the menu offers a diverse food selection, the prices reflect the parent company’s high-quality standards. Bob Evans restaurants source most of their ingredients directly from farms, making their food consistently high in quality. There are 600 locations across the United States, including more than 600 in the Midwest and Northeast.