Castelli Alpha Ros Jacket Review


The Castelli Alpha Ros Jacket is incredibly versatile. Its double-layer construction and premium fabrics are great for keeping you dry in the rain. This jacket isn’t waterproof but sheds road spray well enough to keep you dry in light showers. It also has a vast write-up so that you can read about the pros and cons of this jacket.

Castelli Alpha Ros Jacket is a racing style.

The Castelli Alpha Ros Jacket is a racing-style jacket made of lightweight, windproof fabric. Its double-layer construction makes it breathable and provides wind protection. It also offers protection from light rain. In addition, the jacket features a 3-D insulating layer.

The Alpha ROS Jacket is made of Gore’s Infinium Windstopper light rain-resistant membrane for moderate protection from the elements. Its tight fit makes it easy to layer over other cycling apparel and offers a distinctive look. The jacket also features a zipped pocket and reflective trims.

The jacket also has an internal vest for added warmth. It can be used with base layers and a packable windbreaker over it. Its two-layer construction helps prevent overheating and allows you to stay warm but does not limit the freedom of movement.

It’s not waterproof

The Castelli Alpha RoS jacket features a double-layered Alpha construction with an inner insulating layer and a GORE-TEX INFINIUM water and wind barrier. This jacket is suitable for cold weather conditions, delivering protection to 23 degrees F. The jacket is also highly breathable and comfortable. It has reflective trims and a zipped pocket for essentials. The jacket is designed for versatility and comes in five great colors.

Although the Castelli Alpha ROS 2 cycling jacket features Gore-Tex waterproofing, it does not keep you completely dry during big rainstorms. However, it does save you warm and dry despite being affected by high winds. The jacket also has a double front construction that is good for high-wind conditions.

It sheds road spray

The lightweight, breathable Castelli Alpha RoS Jacket sheds road spray without compromising on warmth. The double-layer construction combines an insulating Prosecco Strada lightweight fabric with a second layer of Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper 150 material. The back panel features Nano Flex Xtra Dry fabric for breathability. The jacket’s long tail provides additional coverage. It is also water-repellent, with a race cut for a figure-hugging fit.

While the Alpha RoS jacket is priced higher than similar jackets in the same price range, it has several distinct advantages. Its windproof and waterproof material keeps you dry even in sub-freezing conditions. It also offers ample ventilation to shed heat without compromising on warmth. The jacket also includes an integrated base layer for added warmth and comfort.

It’s incredibly versatile.

The Castelli Alpha RoS Jacket is an incredibly versatile piece of cycling apparel. It’s built on the experience of the company’s renowned Elemento cycling jacket, making it ideal for various situations. The jacket is windproof and water resistant with multiple pockets that can be accessed from both sides. These pockets are easily accessible while riding and completely dry in the rain.

The Castelli Alpha ROS Jacket is designed with two lining layers: a breathable layer and a wicking layer. The latter works by taking away water vapor from the skin to keep the base layer dry. The front of the jacket uses a stitch-woven material called Castelli Nanoflex Xtra Dry, which is durable and flexible.

It’s expensive

The Castelli Alpha Ros Jacket is a top-end cycling jacket that can cost upwards of PS275. This jacket is designed with many features, including a waterproof, breathable, and thermally-efficient membrane. In addition, the jacket has a modern look, with a highly sleek and svelte fit.

It features a high-quality, layered design and reflective accents. The price is justified, though the jacket is far from ideal for everyone. The coat is also incredibly well-built, with a high level of ventilation and breathability. It will withstand the elements in any climate, so it’s worth the investment.

The ROS jacket is more expensive than its predecessor, the X-Slim. But it’s also more functional and versatile. The men’s version costs PS10 more than the women’s version.