Is It Possible for Car Insurance Providers to Hire Private Investigators to Follow You Around?


If you sustained injuries in a car accident and have brought a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, you must know something. Insurance providers find ways to devalue or deny claims. They need a reason to attack your claim’s validity and credibility. They can do this by hiring a private investigator who will follow you wherever you go to catch you doing something the insurer can use against you. 

Thankfully, these investigators are bound by legal restrictions on what they can do. They should adhere to privacy and property rights laws. Also, you can take steps to protect your claim’s value, whether a private investigator is watching you or not. A car accident lawyer near me can help you understand your legal options and rights after a crash due to the negligence of another driver. 

What are Private Investigators For

Having a private investigator is meant to follow you around to collect evidence that can prove you didn’t sustain your claimed damages. You can expect them to stay out of sight while trying to gather information on you. Thus, you may not be aware you are being watched. Also, a private investigator does background research on you. They review your financial records. A history of a financial crisis may motivate you to exaggerate the injuries you sustained, hoping to recover maximum compensation. 

In addition, the inventory will find information about you on social media. They want to catch you posting photos demonstrating your engagement in activities you said you couldn’t do due to your injuries. Lastly, they will review your driving records to find a careless or reckless driving history that can support the insurer’s argument that you contributed to the accident. 

Protecting Your Claim

Because private investigators should prove that you are not as severely injured as you claim, you don’t have to worry about the validity of your claim as long as you do not exaggerate your injuries. To prove you sustained an injury, you must follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations and avoid activities that may exacerbate your injuries. Also, you should not post anything about the crash or your injuries on social media because somebody might be watching you, just waiting to find information that they can use against your car accident claim. 

If you are worried about pre-existing conditions or injuries that may impact your claim, speak with a lawyer. This is an important step you must take before you decide to accept a settlement offer from the insurer. 

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