Ronhill Infinity Fortify Jacket Review


For 40 years, Dr. Ron Hill has been working to adapt and perfect the perfect waterproof running jacket. The Fortify results from that work and offers the ideal balance between breathability and water protection in the wettest conditions.

Its 15-denier polyamide fabric is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear on long runs, while the fully adjustable hood with stiffened peak molds to your head prevents rain from getting in.


When it comes to winter weather running, you need a waterproof jacket that keeps you protected and insulated without adding extra bulk. This is what Ronhill have done with their Infinity Fortify Jacket. It features a fully adjustable hood that molds to your head and gives an unobstructed view while keeping the rain out.

The best thing about this jacket is that it has a 15-denier polyamide fabric which is incredibly lightweight and highly comfortable to wear in the long run. The front chest pocket is the perfect place to stash gloves for those cold hands, and an internal fob pocket with hook works keeps your keys safe.

The Tech Fortify has many other great features, such as a reflective trim designed to keep you safe and visible during low-light conditions. There are secure pockets inside and out, and even a tiny hydration pocket to ensure you stay hydrated on the move.


With 40 years of innovation, Ronhill has mastered the perfect balance between waterproof protection and breathability. The Fortify is made from a lightweight 15-denier polyamide fabric, making it highly comfortable to wear during long runs. The fully adjustable hood molds to your head, giving you an unobstructed view and stopping rain from getting in, while the front chest pocket is a handy place to stash a pair of gloves for when you need them.

The Fortify jacket is also breathable and ideal for running in warm temperatures. This means your skin won’t become too hot or sweaty, which can irritate during training sessions. A venting tab on the hood allows for further ventilation when you’re feeling warmer, and you can even keep the sleeves open if you need extra airflow. The relaxed fit doesn’t restrict your natural movement, and the reflective trim increases your visibility during low-light adventures.


If you’re looking for a fully waterproof running jacket that can be packed up and carried easily then the Ronhill Infinity Fortify Jacket is the one to look at. It is incredibly lightweight and features a fully adjustable hood with a stiffened peak to mold to your head. This helps keep the rain out while maintaining a clear view and keeping your head dry during the most challenging runs.

This excellent piece of kit also has an internal fob pocket that works great to secure your keys, and it even has a reflective trim to help you get noticed when training in low-light conditions. The 15-denier polyamide fabric is also super lightweight and offers excellent protection while still comfortable wearing on long runs. The most significant feature of the Fortify jacket is its combination of breathability and water protection which ensures you stay cool and dry no matter what the weather throws at you.


A lightweight, waterproof running jacket is a must for any winter runner. The Ronhill Infinity Fortify Jacket is an excellent choice, offering protection against harsh weather while retaining a competitive weight. The 15-denier polyamide fabric is comfortable to wear and provides a perfect fit, while the fully adjustable hood molds to your head, giving you a clear view without the rain getting in.

The jacket also offers much storage space for your pre-race kit and other essentials. There is an internal fob pocket with a hook to keep your keys safe, while a secure front chest pocket is the perfect place for stashing gloves or a water bottle. The jacket is also highly reflective for increased visibility when training in low light. It’s designed to be a quality kit that will last you for years. It also has a minimal amount of weight and packs up to about the size of a water bottle, making it a handy addition to your running kit.