SBI Net Banking App – Manage Your Account From the Convenience of Your Mobile Phone


If you are an SBI customer, you should download the SBI Net Banking App to enjoy a seamless Omni channel experience. With the app, you can take advantage of many offers, including discounts at e-commerce merchants and pre-approved personal loans without documentation up to 1 Lac. Other benefits to using the SBI app include the convenience of automatic bill payments. Read on to find out more.


You can now manage your SBI account from the convenience of your mobile phone with the YONO SBI Net Banking App. It features a simple sign-in process and allows you to manage your account at your fingertips. This app will allow you to transfer funds, set up transactions, and manage your ATM and debit cards. You can also make transfers, recharge your mobile, pay bills, and more. You only need your SBI account and Internet banking credentials to start using the YONO app.

Once registered, you’re ready to log in and use your existing SBI account credentials. After that, choose a username and password and confirm. Next, you can optionally set an MPIN. If you don’t have online banking with SBI, you can register with your account details and ATM card. Then follow the instructions to set up your MPIN. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll need to visit your bank branch within seven days to receive your activation code.

The YONO SBI Net Banking App is easy to use. You can access your SBI account through mobile devices, and you can use it to view balances, track your loan status, and more. You can also log in, check out your accounts, and transfer money to anyone. The convenience of this app is second to none. You can do everything you’d normally do online through your SBI account.

The YONO app for mobile devices is an integrated digital banking platform from the State Bank of India. This mobile application offers more than 60 e-commerce companies customized products and deals. If you’re an SBI customer, you can download the app free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your mobile device. If you’re not already a customer, you can sign up for YONO with Net Banking, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The YONO app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and requires a registered account.


If you’re new to SBI net banking and are interested in using Yono Cash, you can easily register. First, open the app and log in with your SBI online credentials. After that, you can use your MPIN and user ID to log in to the app. Once you have registered, you’re ready to use Yono Cash. Then, go ahead and make use of the app’s features.

Once you’re signed in to SBI net banking, download the YONO app for iOS or Android. Once installed, you’ll need to sign in to your account to use Yono Cash. This app will prompt you to enter your account details and any passwords you’ve created. Once you’ve verified your identity, you can withdraw cash from an ATM.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be redirected to a dashboard that lists all of your banking services from SBI. You can choose how to use them, whether you want to manage your account information or receive payment alerts. You can also use the YONO SBI app to pay your utility bills and income taxes. YONO Cash is an innovative feature available only on the SBI net banking app and enables users to withdraw cash from an ATM without using a debit card. You can also reach SBI’s YONO customer support team by calling 1800 11-1101.

Once you’ve created your YONO Cash PIN, you can use the YONO SBI app to withdraw cash from any SBI ATM. To use YONO Cash, log in to the SBI net banking app with your six-digit PIN and enter your reference number to receive your cash. You’ll need to visit an SBI ATM within 30 minutes of receiving your reference number. You can also use a feature phone to complete your transactions without a card.

YONO Omni channel experience

SBI has launched an Omni channel digital service – YONO – that will cater to the lifestyle needs of its customers. Besides facilitating funds transfer, YONO will enable customers to access various lifestyle services and products. SBI has partnered with 60 e-commerce players to provide this experience. Some key e-commerce partners include Amazon, Myntra, Uber, Thomas Cook, Airbnb, Swiggy, and Shoppers Stop.

The YONO SBI App offers a full suite of banking services. You can deposit, withdraw, and make loans through the app. The app also offers an ATM withdrawal facility. This allows users to make the most of their savings while creating new dreams. In addition, the SBI net banking app allows you to log in to your account by providing your SBI Online login credentials. You can also use your debit card as a temporary password.

The YONO Omni channel experience on SBI net banking app was launched last year. SBI is a public sector bank in India and invests over $463.4 million annually in ATMs and ATM maintenance. With YONO, SBI is making its customers’ lives easier and more convenient. It’s also expanding into online shopping, making the YONO app a one-stop shop for all their banking and lifestyle needs.

YONO is a digital banking platform that will offer customers a comprehensive and personalized experience and integrate with over 60 e-commerce players to drive their shopping and financial decisions. It will also allow customers to purchase and view insurance policies online. In addition, it will also offer seamless access to investment products. Ultimately, this will improve the overall customer experience. So, YONO – the next generation of digital banking – will help SBI achieve its vision.

YONO registration

SBI customers can also use the mobile banking services provided by the SBI. To do this, customers can register using their existing SBI Online login credentials. After registering, users will be given a temporary User ID. This can then be used to log in to the app later. Alternatively, users can register using their SBI ATM card and account details. After completing the registration process, users can access their accounts through the YONO mobile banking app.

YONO registration for the SBI net bank app allows users to manage their accounts on the move. The app can also request a chequebook, change ATM PIN, and block debit or ATM cards. To register for YONO, users must have an SBI account and internet banking credentials. This can be done online or through the SBI phone number. Users can also call or send messages to their bank’s customer service number to receive notifications and help.

Once the YONO registration for the SBI net bank app is complete, users can use the app to transfer money. Users must have a mobile phone with at least a GSM connection to use the app. If they have a cellular phone, they must select an SMS option. They will need to send the SMS to a specified phone number and enter their User Name and Password to confirm their registration. Upon receiving this SMS, a code will be sent to the user’s mobile phone. Users must enter this code to activate the application.

Once registered for the YONO app, SBI will offer a new Green Reward Points feature. SBI says this new feature will save farmers time and money. Farmers will benefit from this because they will no longer need to keep track of separate user IDs and passwords for internet and mobile banking. Additionally, SBI is making the KCC review process paperless. It will help ensure that farmers receive timely credit support.

YONO transaction history

By visiting your dashboard, you can find the YONO transaction history in the SBA net banking app. In addition, you can view all the banking services offered by SBI using this app. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Users of existing SBI accounts can use their login user ID and password to register for the app. You can also set an MPIN if you prefer to protect your accounts from being compromised.

You can view the past and recent transactions using the ‘Account Summary’ option. It will give you a list of all the transactions that occurred within the specified period. You can also choose to download a copy of your statement. You can also export it in PDF or EXCEL format if you want to keep it for future reference. YONO transaction history in the SBI net banking app is available on the ‘Account Summary’ menu. You can see the transaction accounts and their balance. You can also view the last ten transactions.

The YONO Business Cash Management Product is a comprehensive payment gateway solution for businesses. It helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage their receivables and pay bills. In addition, it helps them to access a wide range of services, such as international trade. This solution is designed for high-frequency, small-sized transactions. It is an excellent choice for those seeking convenience and streamlined banking.

Using the SBI net banking app to monitor Yono transactions, you can also access your account ancillary services through the app. YONO Lite SBI users can also create an m-passbook for a beneficiary without registering. Yono LITE SBI customers can also initiate payments from their accounts, but you must remember to change your mobile number. After logging in, enter your new mobile number and confirm the change by confirming it with your old one.