Takeout Coffee Near Kolkata


Having takeout coffee near Kolkata is a great way to enjoy your morning coffee on the go. In fact, there are many great cafes to choose from. However, you may be wondering where the best ones are.

Biker’s Cafe

Among the many cafes in Kolkata, the Biker’s Cafe is definitely the best. It has excellent food, a unique decor and a relaxed atmosphere.

The menu has several European and American dishes. It includes a few unique menu items that are not commonly found in other cafes. The cafe also has an interesting smorgasbord of desserts.

The cafe also has a full-running bar and free WiFi. The cafe is decorated in a biker-themed way with motorbike parts and props.

The cafe is also one of the most affordable cafes in Kolkata. The restaurant serves a wide range of food, from burgers to salads. There are even some decent tikkas and sandwiches on the menu.

King’s Bakery

Whether you’re looking for a new takeout coffee near Kolkata or want to try something different, you can be sure to find an option that’s just right for you. With a variety of coffee shops and cafes around the city, you’re bound to find something to please your tastebuds.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop with a unique theme, you can’t go wrong with Terminal 11. It’s an open-air eatery, with a youthful vibe and a simple menu. It’s also one of the most popular breakfast corners in the city.

The Bikers Cafe has a biker-like vibe, and the restaurant features a full-running bar. You’ll also find a variety of European and American dishes on the menu. The food is also reasonably priced. The service is always impressive.

Wood House – The Pet Cafe

Located in Topsia, Wood House – The Pet Cafe is a pet themed bar and cafe that offers a lot more than just the usual burgers and beer. The bar and restaurant features pet-friendly drinks, food and desserts as well as a dog-friendly washroom and bar. It is also the city’s first pet-themed bar.

In addition to the pet themed bar, the Wood House – The Pet Cafe also provides the best ice-cream, mocktails and a wide variety of Italian and Indian cuisines. It also provides 24×7 care for animals.

The most unique aspect of the Wood House – The Pet Cafe is that it offers a separate menu for pets. This includes a pet-friendly ice-cream and a new recipe for crepes. They even have a regular doctor’s visit every fifteen days, as well as pet vaccination updates. In addition, there is also a small dog house, faux grass seats, and a pet play area.

Mrs. Magpie

Known for its cakes and cupcakes, Mrs Magpie is one of the popular cafes in Kolkata. It has a colourful decor and is a great place to hang out with your friends. It serves various drinks like coffee, tea, and cocktails. It also caters corporate events, and special parties.

It has a cute and cosy interior and features adorable teacups and chairs. You can take a seat on the terrace and enjoy the view. You can also order traditional sweets and sandwiches.

It is a popular spot among students and college crowds. It has a good and affordable menu. It also has finger foods and salads, and a variety of desserts.

TRIBE cafe

TRIBE cafe is a creative hub for the intellectual minds. It has a beautiful, chic interior and 50 seats. It also offers a co-working space and art space. The cafe has a variety of health conscious and gastronomic dishes.

The cafe serves a variety of coffee varieties from Starbucks. A nitrogen-infused nitro cold brew is also available. It’s also known for its affogato, which is a double shot of espresso topped with ice cream.

There are three branches of the cafe in Kolkata. The decor is a little eclectic. The cafe is likely to be busy with patrons. It’s also known for its out-of-the-world desserts.

The cafe is popular with college students. It has a unique, biker-like vibe and serves good food. Its menu features classic signature dishes and local vegetarian favorites. The restaurant has free Wi-Fi and offers a full-running bar.

Artsy Coffee & Culture

Located on the ground floor of an old building in Minto Park, Kolkata, Artsy is one of the first art cafes in the city. Art and gourmet combine at this swanky cafe to create a magical gastronomic experience for customers.

The Artsy cafe serves a range of continental dishes, teas, and coffees. This is a perfect spot for a quiet, relaxing meal or a casual hangout with friends. The cafe also hosts stand-up comedy.

The Artsy Cafe is also a great place to enjoy a coffee date with a loved one. The interior is decorated with pastel colours and dainty furniture. The cafe also has a store displaying a collection of interesting art pieces.